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Créer, c'est vivre deux fois.
[To create is to live twice]

                                        - ALBERT CAMUS

PREETI BHUTANI, president of Prayatna Educational Society and French teachers' trainer, is an author of many French textbooks and workbooks for school students.

She is a research Scholar in French language & literature with a Ph.D. in Social work. She completed her M.Phil in French language and literature from Delhi University and is a Gold medalist in M.A French, Delhi University. She has done Didactics from Université de Rennes, France & Université Laval, Québec, Canada.

She has traveled extensively around Europe, North America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. She has taught French at Delhi University from 2012 to 2019. Preeti Bhutani has been a lifelong author and a trainer and first started writing in 2004.

Founder and President of Prayatna Educational Society since 2003, Preeti Bhutani has contributed to making language learning fun and exciting, at the same time opening doors of opportunities for the young learners as well as the teachers.

Through various international collaborations such as Alliance Française de Rouen, France, and Quebec Government Office, Mumbai, she has provided exposure to Indian students through
- International level competitions such as French Word Power and Concours Romain Rolland, 
- Educational trips to France, Canada, and Pondicherry, 
- International training for teachers in India, France, and Canada. 
- Competitions and courses for teachers

 With over 16 years of experience as an author, Preeti BHUTANI is a renowned name in the field of the French language in India. She has penned more than 45 French titles for School students since 2005 bringing about a revolution in the learning of French as a foreign language in India. Brimming with ideas and new ways of learning, she has authored 5 series of textbooks [ Mon Passeport, Flambeau, Tralala, A la folie, Petits Pas...], each one based on a different approach to learning.

She is an expert in teaching the French language and has trained more than 1800 French teachers across the globe through various workshops (Journée FLE), training (Stage de formation), and long duration courses (Enseigner le FLE).

 Through her highly approachable attitude and her Innovative methodologies of teaching,  Preeti BHUTANI has made a remarkable achievement in training teachers and has immensely contributed to improving the learning and teaching of French in schools.

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