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F&F: French & Francophone

A podcast about French and Francophone culture, history, facts, stories, and French conversations, a good tool for practicing French listening skills.

By: Preeti BHUTANI



EP 1: Poutine 

Poutine Preeti Bhutani
00:00 / 02:08

Listen about the famous dish from Quebec: Poutine. This podcast is sure to make your mouth water

EP 2: Baguette 

Baguette Preeti Bhutani
00:00 / 02:02

The famous traditional bread of France: Baguette. Learn about interesting facts about 'Baguette'

EP 3: Genève 

GenèvePreeti Bhutani
00:00 / 01:59

Get to know about the swiss francophone city: Geneva, places to visit and its famous water fountain 'Jet d'eau'

EP 4: L'origine de la langue française

L'origine de la lange francaisePreeti Bhutani
00:00 / 01:43

Do you know about the history of the French language? How it originated and when? Listen to this podcast to know brief history of the origin of the French language.

EP 5: La fête de la musique

La fête de la musiquePreeti Bhutani
00:00 / 01:46

Do you want to know how the Music Festival started in France? Who started it and why? Listen to this Podcast about the Music Festival.   

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