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Books by Preeti Bhutani

Mon Passeport

Mon Passeport pour le monde

Mon Passeport series includes a Textbook, a Workbook, and a Teachers' manual.

Parts : 0 to 4 

Mode: French & English

- An easy approach to learning French.


- Vocabulary in the form of a band on the main page helps students refer to the new words as and when they come across them.

- Each chapter ends in two activities allowing students to play, have fun and revise the whole content of the chapter in a fun way.

- QR codes are provided to access video and audio content.

- Listening and comprehension questions preparing for DELF in each chapter in the workbook. The variety of exercises and activities allow interaction between the students and the teachers.

- Teachers' manual help conduct the class in the most effective way as objectives and lesson planning is provided in detail. 

Mon passeport 1 .jpg
Le français à la folie

Le français à la folie

À la folie series is an all-in-one textbook for learning French with new and innovative methodologies

Parts: 1 to 4

Mode: French & English

- Comes with audio-visual content in which the complete content of the book can be seen in animated form.

- All chapters divided into sections

- Rhymes/poems and culture and civilization are included in all the chapters

- Auto-evaluation for students at the end of every chapter

- The page "Pour aller plus loin" at the end of each chapter, allows better understanding and the possibility of going beyond what is taught in the class

- With pullout worksheets, making homework submission easy

ALF 1.jpg


Flambeau is the oldest and one of the most appreciated Textbooks for learning French that comes along with Workbook and audio content.

Parts: 0 to 4

Mode: French & English


- Comes with topic-wise illustrated Picture dictionary, containing vocabulary, grammar explanation, dialogue and rhymes

- Each Unit focusses on understanding of one concept at a time

- Interactive approach to learning involving students in communication and activities

- Two pages at the end of each unit are dedicated to fun activities that allow interaction between students and between students and teacher.  

Flambeau 4.jpg


Mire is a Textbook and a complete study material for French for classes IX and X, based on "Entre Jeunes" by CBSE. 

Parts: 2 (Mire 1 - Class IX, Mire 2- Class X)

Mode: French & English

- Complete Textbook with questions from Entre Jeunes and extra questions for practicing Grammar, Writing Skills and Comprehensions

- Each chapter is divided into sections: Grammar, Culture & civilisation, Production écrite, Comprehension écrite, Ecoute, Exercises, Activités d'Entre Jeunes

- Detailed explanation of all grammar topics in both French and English 

- Explanation on how to write a text with details on format and steps to follow

MIRE 1.jpg
All Essential French Verbs

All Essential French Verbs

All Essential French Verbs is a must-have for all French learners.

- Conjugation of 260 essential French verbs in all important tenses: Présent, Passé Composé, Imparfait, Futur Simple, Futur antérieur, Conditionnel Présent, Conditionnel Passé, Subjonctif, Passé simple...


- Explanation of tenses and their formation in the beginning

Mon dictionnaire illustré

Mon Dictionnaire illustré

Mon Dictionnaire illustré is a picture dictionary cum textbook for juniors. 

Parts: 2

Mode: French & English

- Learn French vocabulary through colorful images

- Audio content for correct pronunciation

- Interesting Worksheets to practice the words learnt

- Perfect choice for beginning to learn French at an early age 

- Can be used as a Textbook in itself or as an accompaniment to another textbook

MDI 1.jpg


Tralala is a very innovative, one of its kinds textbook

Parts: 2

Mode: French


- Task-based textbook; learning by doing


- Complete material to perform the tasks and activities in class


- Interesting musical theme based rhymes


- Audio Content to practice phonetics with students

- Activities that allow interaction between students thereby improving conversation skills


- Activities to enhance spoken skills

Les exercices français

Les Exercices français

Les Exercices français is a must-have for all French learners.

- Complete practice book for French grammar with a variety of questions to practice each topic


- More than 150 exercises for practicing all important grammer topics of French

- Grammar explanations, important glossary, list of opposites, etc. are also included

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